Offering Comfort and Care

We take a wide ranging approach to giving both patients and their families the best possible quality of life, for as long as life lasts. We provide emotional and spiritual support and counseling as part of our medical care.

We care to make a difference, to relieve suffering, to restore dignity and comfort to people living with a life-limiting disease.

We provide care to those in financial need as well.

You can be admitted for a variety of reasons and usually for a defined period of time. And this is what we can do.

A period of close observation to clarify your palliative care needs and to plan further care.

Symptom control
To alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing. This may involve a specific, pre-planned intervention such as a blood transfusion.

A planned admission for an agreed period of time to provide a break for you and your family.

A planned admission for a specific time to maximize quality of life and independence.

End of life care
To provide care and support in the last few days of life.